Franchise Model

“iWayTrack has created a lifetime loyalty program by sharing the recurring subscription with allthe channel partners, starting right from the master distributors to the retailers.”

In order to penetrate the length and breadth of the country, we have developed a low cost Franchise Model that can flourish in metropolitan regions and small towns as well, This model is an ideal way to kick start a new business because it has a higher success rate than initiating with a startup. In, iWayTrack's Franchise Model, you simply have to focus on the sales, thus the tasks and complications are comparatively lesser. We also provide top class technical and operational support that makes your functional activities easier than ever before.

Have a look at the features of our Franchise Model

  • Considerable support to recruit manpower
  • Assistance and valuable guidance in setting up and running the franchise
  • Helping personnel acquire the necessary product, sales & technical training
  • Proven management and work practices, access to ongoing support
  • Event support
  • Corporate deal support
  • Timely supply
  • Exclusive territory rights

Salient features of our technical assistance

Robust & highly secure technology platform with customization capability.

After-sales technical support provided directly by the company

An in-house and in-built proprietary software application makes it possible to integrate with anythird party software/ERP

What are you waiting for?

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