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About Us

“ Welcome to iWayTrack..
Leading Real Time Tracking and Monitoring Solution. ”

iWayTrack provides an intelligent real-time tracking and monitoring system that provides precise location tracking and insightful telematics data. ​We employ simple and sophisticated telecommunication devices to send, receive and store information regarding remote objects or assets.

You can spot the exact location of your fleet on a live map, help them choose a better route, and get functional data to further improve fleet efficiency. We provide telematics services to light and heavy machinery that are involved in large scale construction and extraction work.

Our services can be employed to secure your vehicles, personal assets, kids, pets and elderly as well

You can start off with our services with consummate ease because our experts install the GPS powered device in your asset, after which you can conveniently track its position from a remote place.

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Our vision

To make transportation, asset, and fleet management easier, simpler and more data-driven. We want every industry to become more efficient, save more money, conserve more resources and deliver more value by utilizing our services.

We also have the vision to make asset and fleet management a hassle-free activity where objects and vehicles are secured and human beings are freed from 'misplacement' and 'mismanagement' anxieties.

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Our mission

Our mission is to transform the industry by providing excellent tracking, analytics, and monitoring solutions using telematics at groundbreaking prices.

In a massive stride to achieve the same, we have employed the most sophisticated systems that are easy to install and use. We have built technology for humans and are in a constant quest to provide more solutions that make transportation, asset, and fleet management simpler than ever before.

Why ?

  • Inbuilt & Scalable Technology: We have developed this technology over a period of 4 years to suit varying needs.
  • Cost-effective prices: We provide the most valuable services at one of the most reasonable prices.
  • Share subscription: We are the one and ONLY tracking service that empowers you to share the subscription.
  • Customizable: We have made our system flexible, to accommodate your requirements and give you customized solutions
Reduce Costs

Choosing shorter routes reduces fuel consumption, saving a massive amount.

Improve productivity

Route optimization ensures that your fleet reaches a destination.

Real-time analytics

Advanced telematics ensures that real-time performance checks.

Asset security

By getting the precise location of your fleet or asset, you can ensure.

Informed decisions

Utilizing real-time visibility, you can help your fleet choose better.