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How To Save Car Insurance Money By Taking Measures To Prevent Car Theft

Every year, more than 800,000 vehicles are being stolen in the United States, causing financial losses estimated at $6 billion. Car owners will be reimbursed if their car got stolen, only if they purchased comprehensive insurance. To prevent the theft of their vehicle, drivers should follow the next tips:

Stop the engine of their vehicle. If they have to leave their car unattended, drivers should stop the engine. Even if it’s for a short time. Thieves need only a few moments to steal a car with its engine running.

Install anti-theft devices. Devices like fuel cut-off systems, ignition kill switches, or steering wheel locks can deter car thieves. Also, many car insurance companies offer discounts for installing anti-theft devices.

Park the vehicle in a safe place. It is important to always park the vehicle in a place that is circulated and offers lots of visibility. Parking places that have video surveillance are recommended.

Remove the valuables inside their vehicles. Laptops, phones, jewelry, bags, and others can be tempting for many thieves, so drivers are recommended to remove them from plain sight.

Invest in a GPS tracking system. GPS tracking systems are very helpful for authorities when it comes to recovering stolen vehicles.

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