Telematics is not just GPS tracking

Originally published on Linkedin in 2017.

It is quite interesting that in Australia/ New-Zealand the word Telematics is still largely associated with GPS tracking. It reflects in some ways the lack of maturity of the Telematics technologies available from the main players that have always been in the region.

In a new article shared on ATN (http://bit.ly/2yRzO0y) Telematics is identified as one of the biggest game changer for fleet managers by 2020. Great, however it is described as vehicle tracking / GPS tracking. Telematics is no longer about just GPS tracking since 2010 and I hope that by 2020 fleet owners and managers will realise that Telematics is more than that.. Otherwise I wonder how Telematics will still be a game changer by 2020….

Look around the world and find out what the best Telematics companies are doing such as Traffilog : they do track vehicle position but their value proposition is more than that. Using machine learning and advanced algorithms, they provide real time actionable insights on how your vehicle is being driven from a safety and mechanical point of view…


They connect and read into the vehicle engine management system (CANBus) and turn this massive load of data into actionable insights (not in a large excel spreadsheet with thousand of rows left for you to analyse…). They tell you how the vehicle is mechanically driven and alert you before a breakdown occurs..

Today Telematics is about Connected Vehicle. Leveraging all the data available from your fleet, the new generation of Telematics informs you in real time about the status and health of the vehicle, links with other applications offering paperless workflows and connects directly with the workshop or dealership to transmit critical mechanical diagnostic and predictive maintenance information in real time. These new capabilities generate new avenues for fleet owners and managers to keep reducing their fleet operating cost while increasing safety and uptime.

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