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Refund Policy

Your purchase of iWayTrack Licence is regulated by this policy. We request you to please go through refund policy carefully before you place order as this policy has everything mentioned about your rights with regards to your purchase with iWayTrack. This policy also includes all information regarding restrictions and exclusions. When you place order, you are agreeing with this policy completely.


If our technical team cannot solve the technical issue you found in the application beyond reasonable time frame, you can definitely ask for refund in accordance with Refund Conditions mentioned below for the unutilised period of services. However, we encourage you to support our technical staff to resolve the technical issue as soon as possible so that you can have advantage of all advanced features with smooth functioning of iWayTrack application.

iWayTrack Application Software

Subject to this Refund Policy Conditions, you can be eligible to receive full refund in 15 days, followed by the day you purchased iWayTrack licence. However, the reason for the refund must not contradict the Refund Policy Conditions mentioned below for the iWayTrack Application:

No refund will be issued after 15 days have elapsed since the purchase date

The claim for refund may apply only to the first iWayTrack licence purchase

If you own more than one licence, no refund will be issued

Refund will be approved only once. In the case of buying iWayTrack licence at a later time, no refund will be issued.

You are bound to use upgraded operating system and valid hardware. No refund will be issued to the customer who refuses to re-install iWayTrack under the accurate hardware and operating system.

No refund will be issued if the smart phone running the iWayTrack lost the connection due to the absence of internet access or any Smartphone updates or upgrades requirements.

Computers running iWayTrack

No refund will be approved for the customers running iWayTrack on non-appropriate Computers or Mobile Phones. In the conditions listed below, no refund will be issued:

Target computer is running un-supported old versions of operating system. You can check supported operating systems on the website or confirm with our technical staff at the time of acceptance of purchase.

Customers not following installation guidelines of our customer support team.

Customers not accepting technical guidance from our customer support team.

Customer using iWayTrack single licence on a desktop with multiple monitors.

Any personal and non-valid reasons like; I purchased it by mistake, I think I don’t need it, I have changed my mind, this is not what I was looking for etc…

Target computer and/or Mobile Phone with no internet connection.

Some anti-virus detects iWayTrack as suspicious application.

Target computer is unable to connect with iWayTrack due to any technical issues, non-working condition, no internet connection, inappropriate operating system, hardware fault or any other computer malfunctioning challenges.

Smart Phones running iWayTrack

No Refund will be issued to the customers in the case of Smartphone running iWayTrack does not support the application or has any hardware/software or other technical related issues. Check below conditions for the same:

Monitoring software not having internet connectivity.

User changes the carrier which leads to loss of Internet connectivity and consequently improper functioning of iWayTrack application.

Customer not willing to accept any technical assistance.

Customer does not follow installation guidelines provided by customer care support.

Customer not having access to the monitored phone in case when it is locked or customer does not know or forgets the password.

Monitored phone runs non-supported operating system or runs old version of OS which needs update or upgrade to work properly.

Customer intends to run single licence iWayTrack on multiple phones.

Any unreasonable and non valid reasons after purchase ; like I purchased it by mistake, I think I don’t need it, I have changed my mind, this is not what I was looking for etc..

How is the Refund Procedure of iWayTrack? After checking all above conditions, even if you wish to get iWayTrack refund, you will need to send your refund request to iWayTrack billing department at [email protected] Kindly note that refund requests made via LiveChat, Messenger or Any other ways through phone will not be considered valid. Refund request will be considered via registered email ID only. You must produce the Purchase Bill which was given at the time of purchase. With everything ready, refund request may take minimum 7 business working days from the date of receipt of email.